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She also reviews methods of presenting gum that emulate natural foraging problems and stimulate more naturalistic positional behavior. As always, there are trade-offs in management decisions.  2) worries that if gum is fed as enrichment but captive animals then eat less of their carefully balanced diet of other “normal” foods, extra calcium might be ingested at the expense of vitamins from fruits. He suggests that there is no “demonstrated nutritional reasons” for giving captive primates gum beyond behavioral enrichment.

Sampling methods, definitions of behavioral categories, and specific dependent variables used rarely are directly comparable. , seasonal) in use of different exudates without assessing availability independently of use. However, the latter is critical for testing various hypotheses about anatomical, social, and cognitive correlates of food availability. Exudates are quite challenging when it comes to measuring availability and quality. Distribution of food patches also varies on spatial scales, which can range from an intercontinental scale down to variation within a single plant.

1 Introduction: Advances and Remaining Sticky Issues 11 Measuring Distribution and Seasonality of Availability and Its Consumption The challenges of measuring exudate consumption in ways that are comparable across species and populations are not new to primatology (Altmann 1974; Ray 2007). Examples of the differences in approaches are found by contrasting the chapters in this volume by Génin et al.  5) for different species and sites. Sampling methods, definitions of behavioral categories, and specific dependent variables used rarely are directly comparable.

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