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By Terry Spamer;Gordon Thorburn

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Possibly fortified by a breakfast of dried bats’ gonads she trotted off to a store room where we heard her crashing about and moving things around, obviously looking for something. There was a small gurgle of triumph and she emerged with a paper bag. John made sure we understood that this was the only one she had, that it had taken her a lot of time and effort to find it, and so she would expect a decent price. We had no worries about that. The last thing we wanted to do was upset the witch doctor’s grandma when she had all her ingredients so close to hand.

Apart from the unexpected addition of a jazz backing track, it was fine, and we could get Ernie his last beer and watch him reel cheerfully into the street. Our big cheese, we anticipated, would be no pushover. Whatever his record, he was a senior government official whom we were asking to take a massive risk. A mistake leading to public exposure would mean losing his job at the least and possibly some more swingeing punishment, as often happens when a corrupt organisation turns on one of its own and puts the scapegoat out in the desert.

I could bring my camera and take all the pictures I wanted. With Ernie in an agreeing sort of mood and happily on the beer, I thought I’d raise the issue of visiting the outback to see the trapping at first hand. 48 OF YOUNG MONKEYS AND OLD DEVILS This, however, he could not understand. Why did I want to do this? He’d never been into the bush to see the trapping, nor had Albert, so why should I? The monkeys came in from the villages, he took delivery, paid up the monkey-catchers’ pesawas and that was that.

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