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By Erik Hellman

Unharness the ability of the Android OS and construct the categories of wonderful, leading edge apps clients like to use

If your method round the Android OS and will construct an easy Android app in less than an hour, this publication is for you. If you’re itching to work out simply how some distance you could push it and realize what Android is actually able to, it’s for you. And if you’re able to find out how to construct complicated, intuitive, leading edge apps which are a blast to exploit, this publication is well for you.

From customized perspectives and complex multi-touch gestures, to integrating on-line internet prone and exploiting the newest geofencing and task reputation gains, ace Android developer, Erik Hellman, promises professional information, methods and little-known options for pushing the Android envelope so that you can:

Optimize your elements for the smoothest consumer event possible
Create your individual customized Views
Push the bounds of the Android SDK
Master Android Studio and Gradle
Make optimum use of the Android audio, video and pix APIs
Program in Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition
Make the main of the recent Android maps and site API
Use Android connectivity applied sciences to speak with distant devices
Perform history processing
Use Android cryptography APIs
Find and properly use hidden Android APIs
Cloud-enable your purposes with Google Play Services
Distribute and promote your functions on Google Play Store
Learn tips to unharness the facility of Android and remodel your apps from strong to nice in Android Programming: Pushing the boundaries.

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If you keep references to objects that are no longer needed, the GC will not collect them, and they will waste memory. If objects are being allocated continuously but are never being released, you’ll eventually run into an OutOfMemory exception, and your application will crash. So, try to avoid keeping references to objects in the main Android components; otherwise, they may never be “garbage collected” during the application’s lifetime. Reducing Object Allocations On Java and Android, the most common problem with automatic memory management is when you are allocating unnecessary objects that keep the GC working more than it should.

The figure shows how the IDE looks once the execution hits the breakpoint. Figure 1-3 Breakpoint reached when debugging sample application in Android Studio When a breakpoint is reached, you can inspect the state of the application at that specific point. All variables accessible in that scope are listed in the debugger UI in the IDE. While debugging applications, you can change the value of a variable in the current scope without having to restart the application and change the assignment in the code, which is useful for testing how an application works depending on different input values.

I focus on the Java SE language construct that you may be used to and how it works on Android. Then I focus on how to optimize Java code for Android, how to optimize memory allocations, and how to handle multithreading properly. Comparing Android’s Dalvik Java to Java SE Although developers were able to write applications for mobile devices using the Java programming language long before Android, it was a severely limited version of Java called Java ME (Micro Edition). Java ME also differed among different device manufacturers, making it almost impossible to write an application that would work on any phone supporting Java ME.

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