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Along with his unparalleled conquests from Greece within the west to India within the East, Alexander the good used to be the kind of guy that legends are made from; therein lies the matter for these learning him. Ought we to just accept identical to a speeding king having fun with a string of miraculous successes, or undertake a extra cynical assessment, paying attention to all of the dangers of his reign?

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Because these light plows could only cut shallow furrows in the soil, Greek farmers sometimes had to use pickaxes or hoes to dig deeper furrows before planting crops. When a field was ready for planting, farmers sowed seeds either by throwing them from side to side or placing them in single rows. Then they covered the seeds with soil using a hoe or a rakelike tool called a harrow. Farmers pulled weeds by hand or used a sickle to cut the stems. At harvest time, farmers cut the stalks of grain with sickles, tied them in bundles, and carried them away for threshing—the process of separating the grain from the stalks.

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Lable for riding. Alexander thought Ottawa ^ took command of the horse. Discovering thai Bucephalus was afraid of his shadow, Alexander pointid tht hotse towards the sun. He talked to the horse, stroked and aimed him. Alexander even taught Bucephalus to kneel down so he could mount him easily while wearing armor, Bucephalus was Alexander's horse for 20 years and accompanied him on his conquests. When Bucephalus dfed* te was hortoimJ with a mg» nificent funeral * strait narrow channel that connects two bodies of water * satrap provincial governor in ancient Persia * pharaoh ruler of ancient Egypt * oracle priest or priestess through whom a god is believed to speak; also the location (such as a shrine) where such utterances are made 22 took command of the cavalry and played an important role in defeating the Greeks.

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