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This quantity demanding situations the orthodox view that fishing and fish performed just a marginal function within the economic system of the traditional global. in reality, there's archaeological proof for historic fish processing on a advertisement scale not just within the Mediterranean itself, but additionally at the Atlantic coast and within the Black Sea area, in particular the Crimea. Our literary resources testify to the frequent culinary and medicinal use of salted fish and fermented fish sauces in antiquity, and particularly within the first centuries advert. during this ebook, the authors verify the current nation of study on historic fishing and talk about its implications for the background of the Black Sea sector, particularly the interval of Greek colonisation alongside its shorelines. whereas grain has routinely been considered because the major export commodity of the Pontic colonies, the lifestyles of salting-vats at the coast of the Crimea point out construction of salt-fish or fish sauce on a wide scale, most likely for export. besides the fact that, many questions stay unanswered: for example referring to possession and agency of the processing amenities, or how the completed product was once transported to far-off markets. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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47 Aquerreta, Astiasarán, and Bello 2001, 107-112. 48 Curtis 1991, 126-29. 49 Dressel 1879, 36-112, 143-195. , for example, Peacock and Williams 1986. 51 Curtis 1991, 39-44, 70, esp. Fig. 1, p. 42. 52 Peacock 1977, 261-278; Peacock and Williams 1986, 14-15. 53 Desse-Berset and Desse 2000, 75-82; Colls, Étienne, Lequément, Liou, and Mayet 1977; Auriemma 1997, 129-155; idem 2000, 27-51. Amphorae containing bones have also been found on shore on the island of Elba and at Olbia in Sardinia. See, especially, Bruschi and Wilkens 1996, 165-169.

49 Basing his work on painted inscriptions (tituli picti) appearing on many vessels excavated on Monte Testaccio in Rome, he identified, among others, those amphorae that had held fish sauce or salt fish, and arranged them by shape. 50 This has created a complex and confusing array of amphora shapes associated with fish by-products. One of the major questions yet to be answered is to what extent one can relate amphora shape to its contents and to its point of origin. 52 This information along with the find spots of the vessels, such as shipwrecks whose cargoes contained amphorae, port cities, such as Rome, Ostia, and Pompeii, military camps, and the like, plus governmental, funerary and dedicatory Sources for Production and Trade of Greek and Roman Processed Fish 41 inscriptions and papyri, have revealed a vast amount of information on trade in salted fish products.

The fact that directions for producing fish sauce found in three post-classical sources closely coincide with earlier classical descriptions indicates that production methods changed little over the centuries. These postclassical sources include the seventh-century AD encyclopedia of Isidore of Seville (Orig. 19-20), a recipe appearing at the head of an eighth or ninthcentury AD Merovingian manuscript of a medical treatise (Paris Bibl. Ms. 1-6). 23 These recipe descriptions, in combination with other genres, such as satire, allow us to draw certain conclusions about the general character of these fish by-products.

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