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By Mogens Herman Hansen, Thomas Heine Nielsen

This is often the 1st lexicon of all identifiable Greek urban states of the Archaic and Classical classes (c.650-325 BC). in this time, the japanese Mediterranean was once ruled by way of Greeks who shared an identification in line with language, faith, and traditions; in spite of the fact that, the Greek global used to be divided politically into a few 1,500 urban states, every one together with an city heart with its speedy hinterland. This publication includes descriptions of 1,035 of those urban states, geared up zone by means of sector.

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Davies (1984) 306; Gauthier (1993) 217–25; Quass (1979). 41 Ward-Perkins (1998) 371–82; Jones (1964) 712–66. ad 300. The urban aspects of the polis are emphasised; but when it comes to the political achievements and the constitution of the polis, Menander admits that there is no longer much to be said here, because all Roman poleis are now governed by one [polis], sc. Rome! 10–14). 43 Lib. Or. 266; see Saradi-Mendelovici (1988) 374–401. 44 Procop. Aed. v. 1. 806. 45 Jones (1940). For polis, komopolis and kastron denoting towns in the Byzantine period, see Haldon (1999) 1, 11–14.

The meaning of a term is one thing; that which is denoted by a term because it has a certain meaning is another. In linguistics this distinction is sometimes referred to as the distinction between connotation and denotation; in philosophy the two terms used are the intension of a term (that is, its meaning) and the extension of a term (that is, the totality of objects to which the term refers). Linguistically, the connotation (or meaning) of the term “state” is something like “a geographically delimited segment of human society united by common obedience to a single sovereign” (Watkins (1972) 150), but the term “state” denotes any existing state, such as Greece, Denmark, Russia or Australia.

Prt. 343A), which was either an otherwise unknown community, or a perioikic polis in Lakedaimon (no. 328) or a small polis in Oita (no. 425). But even if Chen is identified with one of the two small poleis, that does not change Aristoxenos’ view of the comparative importance of a polis and a kome. fringes,14 all Hellenes lived in poleis. 15 Nevertheless, no one has ever investigated how many poleis there were and which settlements were actually poleis. For Hellas itself an ultra-short study by Ruschenbusch (1977)16 breaks new ground, but it is very sketchy and often controversial.

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