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By K Moriyasu

Gauge thought is now well-known as probably the most innovative discoveries in physics because the improvement of quantum mechanics. This primer explains how and why gauge concept has dramatically replaced our view of the basic forces of nature. The textual content is designed for the non-specialist. a brand new, intuitive technique is used to make the guidelines of gauge conception obtainable to either scientists and scholars with just a heritage in quantum mechanics. Emphasis is put on the physics instead of the formalism.

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I believe that gauge theory can be appreciated by the non-expert; that is the raison d’etre for this primer. In order to emphasize the physics of gauge theory rather than the mathematical formalism, I have used a new intuitive approach and designed the text primarily for the reader with only a background in quantum mechanics. My goal in this primer is to hopefully leave the reader with an appreciation of the elegance and beauty of gauge theory. This book was motivated by my own desire as a “non-expert” to learn something about gauge theory.

This diversity of interest in gauge theory indicates that it is in fact a very general area of study and not exclusively limited to elementary particles. In this primer for gauge theory, our purpose is to present an elementary introduction which will provide an adequate background for appreciating both the new theoretical developments and the experimental investigations into gauge theory. We have therefore adopted a very general pedagogical approach which should be useful for very different areas of physics.

This primer is generally organized into three sections. The first section consisting of Chapters II through V introduces the concept of gauge invariance and describes the essential ingredients and physical assumptions which go into the building of a general gauge theory. We begin in Chapter II with the original inspiration of Hermann Weyl and briefly review why gauge theory was re-discovered three times in different physical contexts before the correct interpretation of gauge invariance was finally understood.

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