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Reference Neutron Radiographs of nuclear reactor fuel / Neutronogrammes de Reference pour le combustible nucléaire


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One who is passionate about their cause enetophobia - A fear of pins and needles engastration - The act of stuffing one bird into another enigmatology - The study and construction of puzzles enissophobia - See enosiophobia enneagon - A figure which has nine angles enochlophobia - A fear of crowds enoptromancy - Divination using a mirror enoptrophobia - A fear of mirrors enosiophobia - The fear that one has commited an unpardonable sin entheate - Divinely inspired or possessed by a god entomophobia - A fear of insects entredentolignumologist - One who collects toothpick boxes eosophobia - A fear of the dawn epagomenic - Days which are omitted from a calendar, either in ancient times or with modern obscure holidays ephemeromorph - Any form of life too low to be classified as animal or vegetable ephorize - To have a controlling influence over epicaricacy - The joy that results from others misfortune epigamic - A trait or property which attracts a mate, such as antlers or plumage epincion - A victory song or anthem epirot - A person who lives far away from the coast episcopicide - The act of killing a bishop epistaxiophobia - A fear of nose bleeds epithymy - A lustful desire epizootic - Any disease which affects many different animals eponym - A name that has become a word epulose - An excessive feast 29 equinophobia - A fear of horses eremikophobia - A fear of sand or deserts eremology - The study of deserts eremophobia - A fear of being alone eremophobia - The fear of stillness ereuthrophobia - See Erythrophobia ergasophobia - The fear of work ergomaniac - One who is obsessed with working ergophile - One who loves working ergophobia - The fear of work eroteme - The symbol used in writing known as a question mark erotographophobia - The fear of writing love letters erythrophobia - A fear of blushing eschatological - Pertaining to the ultimate fate of humanity or the planet escutcheon - A decorative metal plates around doorknobs or locks esquivalience - 1.

A type of dilluted urine used to wash clothing or blankets Laodicean - Being lax in one’s religious beliefs or indifferent to religion lapidate - To stone a person to death lapidicolous - Living under rocks larging - The wasteful spending of money received through an inheritance, loan, or gift lateer - A type of candy made by pouring hot syrup into snow latitudinarian - A person who tolerates all religions or beliefs latrate - To bark like a dog latrinalia - Using words that are fit for a restroom wall latrinology - The study of writings on restroom walls latrocination - Highway robbery or overcharging people lavacultophilia - A desire to stare at someone in a bathing suit 55 56 lazaretto - A hospital dedicated to treating contagious diseases leal - Describing one who is faithful and loyal lebensabschnittsgefahrte - The person who shares your life and your love for a little while before moving on leggiadrous - Graceful and elegant leint - The process of adding urine to beer to give it more flavour leister - A three pronged, barbed spear used for catching fish lepidophobia - A fear of butterflies leptorrhinian - having a long narrow nose lestobiosis - The act of pilfering food lethiferous - Causing death lethologica - The inability to recall a precise word for something leukophobia - The fear of the color white levirate - The marriage of a woman to her husbands brother levophobia - A fear of the left side or things to the left lexiconophilist - A collector of dictionaries and word books lexiphanicism - Showing off by using words ligyrophobia - A fear of loud noises lilapsophobia - A fear or hurricanes, cyclones, or tornadoes limacine - Like a slug limbeck - A state in which an individual is exhausted as a result of thinking limerance - The initial thrill of falling in love limicolous - Living in mud or slime limnology - The study of fresh water, such as lakes or ponds limnophobia - A fear of lakes linonophobia - The fear of string lirp - To snap one’s fingers lissom - Supple, limber and easy to bend lithomancy - Divination by stones litigaphobia - A fear of being sued or of lawsuits loganamnosis - The obsession with recalling a certain word logastellus - A person whose love of words is greater than their knowledge of words logocracy - Rulership by words logodaedaly - Verbal trickery or legerdemain logogogue - A person who leads others in the use of words or by the use of words logographer - A person who writes speeches or chronicles historical events 57 logomachist - A person who engages in a war of words logomachize - To engage in a war of words logomachy - A war of words or a battle about words logomancy - Divination by words or by speech logomaniac - A person obsessed with words logomaniac - A person who is crazy about words logophile - A person who loves words logophobia - The fear of words logorrhea - Excessive talking (or verbal diarrhea) lohock - Medicine which is administered by licking it longanimity - The ability to suffer patiently longiloquent - Extremely long-winded lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakech - A goulash composed of all the leftovers from the meals of the leftovers from the meals of the last two weeks loranthaceous - 1.

The intentional abandonment of one’s official duties esquivalience - 2. An unwillingness to perform the job one has been assigned esquivalience - 3. The irresponsible addition of fake words into dictionaries, as was originally done with this word estafette - A courier who rides on a horse estiferous - Pertaining to something which produces heat estivation - To go away somewhere for the summer estrapade - A horse’s attempt to remove their rider ethnocracy - Rulership by a specific race ethnomethodology - The study of social customs and rules ethnomusicology - The study of folk music eudemonics - The study or the science of happiness eulogistic - Expressing approval eumoirous - Happiness due to being honest and wholesome eunomy - The enactment of good laws that help people euonym - A good name euphobia - A fear of good news eupsychics - Good education or teaching eustress - 1.

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