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By Pamela Rice Hahn

Provides simple principles of grammar and sentence development, indicates the correct use of punctuation, and discusses type, study, and enhancing.

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Alpha Teach Yourself Grammar and Style in 24 Hours

Provides uncomplicated ideas of grammar and sentence building, exhibits the correct use of punctuation, and discusses kind, examine, and modifying.

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Complete sentence 6. What type of sentence error contains two complete sentences improp- erly joined with punctuation? a. complete sentence b. run-on sentence c. fused sentence d. b and c 7. What type of sentence has one main clause and one or more subordi- nate clauses? a. complex sentence b. complete sentence c. compound sentence d. simple sentence Mastering the Basic Parts of a Sentence 33 8. What kind of sentence makes a statement? a. compound sentence b. declarative sentence c. imperative sentence d.

Understanding Grammar • Reference grammar Sets forth the rules of grammar in a dictionary format. • Theoretical grammar The analysis of the components necessary in any human language. • Traditional grammar The term used to sum up the unscientific approach to grammatical study used 2,000 years ago by the classical Greeks and Romans prior to the advent of linguistic science. THE LOGIC OF GRAMMAR Grammar can mean many things. It can be • The proper way to speak or write. • The inflection or the word ending from which aspects of a word can be determined.

Converting the common nouns used earlier to proper nouns gives us these examples: Teach Yourself Grammar and Style in 24 Hours Pamela Rice Hahn David L. Hebert Chicago Taylor University Here are some general rules to help distinguish when a noun is a proper noun and requires capitalization: 1. Names and family names: Dennis, Hensley 2. Months, days of the week, and holiday names: September, Thursday, Veterans Day 3.

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