Download Algebre, solutions developpees des exercices, 1ere partie, by Mac Lane, Birkhoff (WEIL, HOCQUEMILLER) PDF

By Mac Lane, Birkhoff (WEIL, HOCQUEMILLER)

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A p-Laplacian Approximation for Some Mass Optimization Problems

We exhibit that the matter of discovering the easiest mass distribution, either in conductivity and elasticity circumstances, will be approximated through strategies of a p-Laplace equation, as p→+S. This turns out to supply a variety criterion whilst the optimum strategies are nonunique.

The Diophantine Frobenius Problem

In the course of the early a part of the final century, Ferdinand Georg Frobenius (1849-1917) raised he following challenge, referred to as the Frobenius challenge (FP): given particularly major confident integers a1,. .. ,an, locate the most important usual quantity (called the Frobenius quantity and denoted through g(a1,. .. ,an) that's not representable as a nonnegative integer blend of a1,.

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