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В последние семь лет своей жизни, Александр Великий становился все более и более непредсказуемым, подверженным спорадическим приступам ярости или маниакальной подозрительности не только к врагам, но и друзьям. Эта биография наиболее известного завоевателя древности отличается от других своим детальным анализом психологического развития Александра. В этой книге автор пользуется образным подходом к объекту своего исследования, избрав Диониса - бога вина и амбивалентности, структурой для обсуждения алкоголизма Александра и часто противоречивых черт его индивидуальности.
В своём исследовании автор рассматривает каждую значимую деталь, обсуждает культурные вкусы Александра, его религиозность, родителей, стремления, деяния, страхи, сексуальность и алкоголизм.Образцы сканов:

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Philip punished Thebes. Alexander destroyed it. Philip dispatched a vanguard across the Hellespont, but Alexander crossed into Asia and conquered the Persian Empire. And while Philip only flirted with deification, Alexander arranged to have divine cult offered to him during his lifetime. some day let them say of him He is better by far than his father (Il. 479) OLYMPIAS AND ALEXANDER Alexander followed in Philip’s footsteps with such spectacular success that he escaped the anonymity with which children of famous parents are ordinarily burdened.

79 18 ALEXANDER THE GREAT: THE INVISIBLE ENEMY The magnitude of Alexander’s conquests and the exceptional demands he made upon himself are best understood in light of the fierce competitiveness that characterized his early years. By example and injunction his parents encouraged the boy to entertain lofty expectations of himself. Arrian’s perceptive observations on Alexander’s career reflect this telling influence: [N]one of Alexander’s plans were small and petty…no matter what he had already conquered, he would not have stopped there quietly, not even if he had added Europe to Asia and the Britannic Islands to Europe, but that he would always have searched far beyond for something unknown, in competition with himself in default of any other rival.

34 Philip’s influence on Alexander in this respect is undeniable. When Alexander heard that his father had taken an important city or enjoyed some other special triumph, he reacted with dismay rather than elation. He is said to have complained to friends that the king would preempt them in everything, and expressed the fear that his own generation would be deprived of a chance to show the world anything noteworthy: “And so every success that was gained by Macedonia inspired in Alexander the dread that another opportunity for action had been squandered on his father.

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