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1. Cracks occur in the chemically milled step region, and are generally parrallel to the longest side and midway along the side. 000. The conventional repair involves removal of the crack and use of a metallic doubler attached by mechanical fasteners. To carry out this type of repair the engine needs to be removed. 3. 1. 7. 7. In this case the higher than expected sound pressure levels (SPL) were caused by an aerodynamic disturbance at the inlet lip. At present no data exists for the calculation of SPL’s in the aft fuselage.

This crack was located on the inside surface of the thicker section of panel. Note the smooth rubbed character of the surface, indicating large relative motions between the two halves of the crack [8]. Fig. 4. View of the tip of the crack in the thick end of the panel. The fatigue crack surface is the bright faceted region to the left and the deliberately broken surface is the mottled grey area to the right. Note the shape of the crack, much longer along the inside surface of the panel, indicating that a degree of bending was involved in the development of the crack.

20°C c 40°C > a, IO2 d- E LL --P- 10' 60"C 80°C 100°C + 120°C + 140°C 1o o IO-' loo 10' lo2 lo3 l o 4 l o 5 lo6 lo7 IO* lo9 Scale Fig. 34. Dyad 606 material data. (To obtain loss factor divide shear modulus scale by IO6). Advances in the bonded composite repair of metallic aircraft structure 562 Loss factor Shear modulus (D . 0 -30"C 7 -1 0"C L 0 c 0 m 10°C c v) v) 30 "C 0 -I 50 "C m 70 "C 90"C 110°C 130 "C 150°C io4 IO-' ioo io' io2 io' IO' io' 10' io' 10' Scale Fig. 35. Dyad 609 material data.

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