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String); pIPAddr = pIPAddr -> Next; } // Show the other parameters printf("\tEnable Routing: %s\n", (pFixedInfo -> EnableRouting) ? "Yes" : "No"); printf("\tEnable Proxy: %s\n", (pFixedInfo -> EnableProxy) ? "Yes" : "No"); printf("\tEnable DNS: %s\n", (pFixedInfo -> EnableDns) ? "Yes" : "No" ); IP_ADAPTER_INFO*pAdapterInfo,*pAdapter; /* The same technique as above. \nError %d\n", GetLastError()); return 1; } 46 C Tutorial pAdapter = pAdapterInfo; /* We have now a linked list of adapters. Go through that list printing the information.

The current standard for FTP is RFC 959, which obsoleted the previous specification RFC 765. The first FTP specification was RFC 114, written by A. Bhushan in the MIT project MAC the 16 April 1971. Yes. It is a really old protocol. 1 Implementing the ftp “GET” We use a simple interface again, ignoring all complexities. GetFtpUrl needs 3 arguments: 1) The name of the host 2) The name of the file to get 3) The name of the local file where the remote file will be written int GetFtpUrl(char *host,char *infile,char *outfile) { HINTERNET hOpen,hConnect; int fret = -1; /* The first thing to do is to check that there is an internet connection.

Client applications use the IP address and port to connect to the host network. 1) and the port in that IP number we want to connect to. We can use any port number between 1024 and 65535. sin_port = htons( 49025 ); Second, we bind the socket to this network address. 2 Listening on a socket After the socket is bound to an IP address and port on the system, the server must then listen on that IP address and port for incoming connection requests. To listen on a socket call the listen function, passing the created socket and the maximum number of allowed connections to accept as parameters.

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