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By Alan Timberlake

This textbook describes and systematizes all facets of the grammar of Russian--including styles of orthography, sounds, inflection, syntax, tense-aspect-mood, note order, and intonation. it's particularly excited about the which means of mixtures of phrases (constructions) and the center suggestion is that of the predicate historical past (a list of the states of entities via time and throughout possibilities). utilizing predicate histories, the ebook provides an built-in account of the semantics of verbs, nouns, case, and element. it is going to entice scholars, students and language pros drawn to Russian.

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A visible exception is the root wƒhm ‘tsar’, in which {a} under stress alternates with [ ] under first degree of reduction: gen sg wfhz´, wfh∫wf ‘tsar’s wife’. 6 Post-tonic soft vocalism In general, unstressed vowels associated with series {a o e} are pronounced as a high front vowel [ì] after any soft consonant. For this reason, one might expect to find [ì] in place of post-tonic vowels in grammatical endings as well. It is regularly stated, however, that this vowel can, depending on the morpheme, be pronounced as [´].

30% 50% 70% −10 ms. 404 393 392 383 337 1242 1563 1925 1950 1650 380 364 352 346 260 1136 1787 2094 2144 2050 [†] 10 ms. 30% 50% 70% −10 ms. 599 723 702 704 577 1361 1718 1770 1644 1547 570 567 548 488 442 1386 1824 1947 1955 1916 332 401 506 569 468 2197 2216 2000 1744 1564 348 384 417 440 304 2133 2334 2307 2258 2102 [ƒ] 10 ms. 30% 50% 70% −10 ms. 815 922 941 896 551 982 1285 1346 1443 1622 801 895 886 850 494 1154 1306 1415 1560 1839 432 770 979 924 602 2011 1871 1662 1560 1579 485 833 912 881 521 1979 1887 1768 1792 1931 [j´] 10 ms.

Popular practice sometimes also transliterates Cyrillic ≤t≥ as ≤ye≥ even after consonants, leading to a profusion of ≤y≥: ≤Nye byt voynye≥24 (for yt ,snm djqyt! ‘there’ll be war no more’). Computerization pulls in opposite directions. It has become easy to manipulate Cyrillic on computers. The letters of the Cyrillic alphabet are assigned to a designated range of characters. These are not the ordinary characters, but ones belonging to an enriched character table, and, with software, keystrokes are reassigned to that range.

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