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By Constance Reid

Mathematics has come some distance certainly within the final 2,000 years, and this consultant to fashionable arithmetic lines the interesting course from Euclid's Elements to modern strategies. No historical past past trouble-free algebra and aircraft geometry is critical to appreciate and relish writer Constance Reid's uncomplicated, direct reasons of the mathematics of the countless, the paradoxes of element units, the "knotty" difficulties of topology, and "truth tables" of symbolic common sense. Reid illustrates the ways that the quandaries that arose from unsolvable difficulties promoted new principles. Numerical thoughts accelerated to house such thoughts as 0, irrational numbers, detrimental numbers, imaginary numbers, and limitless numbers.
Geometry complex into the widening territories of projective geometry, non-Euclidean geometries, the geometry of n-dimensions, and topology or "rubber sheet" geometry. greater than eighty drawings, built-in with the textual content, help in cultivating a grab of the summary foundations of contemporary arithmetic, the hunt for actually constant assumptions, the popularity that absolute consistency is not possible, and the belief that a few difficulties can by no means be solved.

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