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The sequence builds an intensive number of top of the range descriptions of languages worldwide. every one quantity deals a accomplished grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a glossary and different appropriate info that is to be had at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language relatives or region, and even though targeted recognition is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and beneficial remedies of higher recognized languages also are incorporated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the single criterion is a excessive typical of clinical caliber.

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IMP jya break [dlM cf. able [d3a] Realization following palatal fricatives is very similar. Secondary release between palatals and back vowels is both palatal and labial, symbolized here as [q]: (29) cwüü/d belch [tjqurlo] cf. healthy [tju:q2] cwoo pot [tjqo:] cf. coo wo rainspout [tj"o:wo] cwon tear [tjq2] cf. sibling Roots with secondary release between a velar stop and a front vowel are very rare. In fact, only five have been recorded so far which do not exhibit an alternation with Id. throat [ky§?

It is of interest that /w/ becomes [g] rather than [b] by this process, and it is this which has led to its placement in the 'velar' column in the consonant chart above. In fact, of course, /w/ has both a labial and velar component, and is thus the last remaining labio-velar in Supyire. The examples below illustrate this process of occlusion, using the future with its N- prefix. U siN- + iähä künä. go it on U si hdähä kü ηά. ' U sis- + ya. sick U sfßjä. ' Qiia] U si ήβύΠ. ' foSuli] U sfN- + wuli.

In the following data from noun morphology, notice that in the (a) examples the stop is protected by a root final nasal and thus does not voice, whereas in the (b) examples voicing takes place:6 (4) gender 1 definite plural: -pii a. 1. Consonants 11 b. cyde + women cydebii 'the women' -pu (5) gender 2 definite singular: -ke a. bdN- + baboon b. bahouse + -ke bdgke DEF(G2S) 'the baboon' -ke bag6 'the house' ['baRe] (6) gender 4 definite: -te a. kddN- + cotton b. kyara meat + -te DEF(G4) -te köönte 'the cotton' kyaäre /kyaäde/ ['kxa:re] 'the meat' Clitics may also undergo voicing.

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