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She leant back, being so weary, against its stem, And laid her arms on its own, 34 Each open palm stretched out to each end of them, Her sad face sideways thrown. Her white-clothed form at this dim-lit cease of day Made her look as one crucified In my gaze at her from the midst of the dusty way, And hurriedly 'Don't,' I cried. I do not think she heard. ' And wordless we moved onward down from the hill In the west cloud's murked obscure, And looking back we could see the handpost still In the solitude of the moor.

They never pass one another without stopping to talk, and every one of them greets you with the time of the day as you pass. All day long the tree before the door of the cottage is filled with music, and at night, when the moon is up, the sky before the windows is flooded with strange shapes and motions of light. I have never seen the moon's magic so nimbly or so continuously at work as upon that space of sky where the higher ridges of the croft ended. Kingdoms and seas of cloud passed before us under that calm radiance; they passed, leaving the sky clear for the stars; the polar star stood over the cottage, and the Great Bear flung out his paws at the moon.

Tintagel in Tudor Times THis castle hath been a marvellous strong and notable fortress, and almost situ loci inexpugnabile, especially for the dungeon that is on a great and high terrible crag environed with the sea, but having a drawbridge from the residue of the castle on to it. The residue of the buildings of the castle be sore weather-beaten and in ruin, but it hath been a large thing. The castle had by likelihood three wards, wherof two be worn away with gulfing in of the sea, in so much that it hath made there almost an isle, and no way is to enter into it now but by long elm trees laid for a bridge.

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