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T. 夏志清. 1979. Zhongguo xiandai xiaoshuo shi 中國現代小說史 (A history of modern Chinese fiction). Trans. Joseph S. M. Lau et al. Hong Kong: Union Press. Hsia, C. T. 1999. A History of Modern Chinese Fiction. Third edition. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 30 Yingjin Zhang Hsia, C. , and Joseph S. M. Lau. Eds. 1971. Twentieth‐Century Chinese Stories. New York: Columbia University Press. Hsia, Tsi‐an. 1968. The Gate of Darkness: Studies on the Leftist Literary Movement in China. Seattle: University of Washington Press.

In light of this imbalance, the Sinophone is a welcome addition in the critical approaches to modern Chinese literature and culture. Indeed, the fact that the Sinophone polemic has attracted participants mostly from General Introduction 25 within modern Chinese literature and culture—some doubled institutionally in ­comparative literature—reaffirms that the field is now mature enough to accommo­ date different scholarly approaches and critical positions. Notes 1 As a linguistic designation, the Sinophone does not cover Huaren wenxue (literature by ethnic Chinese in a language other than Chinese), which includes “Chinese literatures in English” (Khoo and Louie 2005).

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