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A p-Laplacian Approximation for Some Mass Optimization Problems

We express that the matter of discovering the easiest mass distribution, either in conductivity and elasticity situations, might be approximated via strategies of a p-Laplace equation, as p→+S. This turns out to supply a range criterion whilst the optimum ideas are nonunique.

The Diophantine Frobenius Problem

In the course of the early a part of the final century, Ferdinand Georg Frobenius (1849-1917) raised he following challenge, often called the Frobenius challenge (FP): given really leading confident integers a1,. .. ,an, locate the most important traditional quantity (called the Frobenius quantity and denoted by way of g(a1,. .. ,an) that's not representable as a nonnegative integer mix of a1,.

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15. Types of problems in arithmetic, algebra, and mensuration 12. that interested the ancient Egyptians. 1 6. Comparison of the mathematical progress and interests of China, India, Babylonia, and Egypt in early times. 17. power 1 8. before Greek 19. A to consideration of the reasons advance its why this period was lacking in mathematics. , and the influence of this mathematics upon science. The evidences of interrelation of mathematical ideas in Mes- opotamia, Egypt, and the islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Pa-kua are attributed to Fuh-hi byLiuHui, who wrote c. D. The Leibniz theory, set forth in his Philosophia Sinensi urn, 4, that these symbols had some connection with binary numerals, has no historical foundation in the I-king as originally written. CHINA 26 hardly conceivable by the Western mind that such a set symbols should last for thousands of years, that it should be the subject of such a large number of books and monographs as have appeared in explanation of its meaning, and that it should be known today to everyone among the hundreds of millions who have come under the influence of the Chinese philosophy, not merely in China but all through the East.

Recent others place his 1986-^:. 1942. work in this line see A. Wiedemann, Aegyptische Ge256 (Gotha, 1884) J. Lieblein, "L'Exode des Hebreux," Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, XXI (London, 1899) ,55. On the claims of priority in the general development of mathematics, see E. Weyr, Ueber die Geometric der alien Aegypter p. 4 (Vienna, 1884). 8 See the author's review of Hilprecht's work in the Bulletin of the American 2 On schichte, the Egyptian I, ; y Mathematical Society XIII (2), 392.

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