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Nine existence changing classes: secrets and techniques of the secret colleges Unveiled For hundreds of thousands of years, a choose few attended old secret colleges and temples world wide. those faculties taught the character and future of mankind, the mystical universe within which we live, and printed robust secrets and techniques relating to common typical legislation. Inscribed above the doorway to 1 such secret tuition in old Greece have been the phrases: "Man, recognize Thyself." this straightforward word might take a life-time to totally understand. Do you "remember" who you're and why you're the following? It was once those subject matters and others that have been explored by means of courageous souls who have been prepared to delve into the transformational teachings of the esoteric secret colleges. this knowledge remains to be as legitimate and encouraging this present day if you search to understand themselves on a deeper point of realization and wish to research the religious mysteries. Attending a secret college some time past was once generally a life-long direction as uniting the guts, brain and soul takes time and commitment. In nine lifestyles changing classes: secrets and techniques of the secret tuition Unveiled, esoteric instructor Kala Ambrose brings the most vital and appropriate classes to the fashionable international. guy nonetheless seeks solutions to common mysteries and needs to understand their precise nature and future in this earth. during this e-book, Kala discusses a few of the old secret university issues, that are designed to stir the soul, wake up the brain and show lengthy forgotten stories of previous lives in those colleges, in addition to motivate you to discover the beauty of who you actually are. detect your future and divine objective during this lifetime, that's greater than so much dwelling this present day can think! Kala takes you on a trip of self discovery whereas discussing issues reminiscent of: . The lengthy Forgotten future of Your Soul . The airtight Axiom of As Above, So lower than . Alchemical changes of the center, physique and brain . The Self-Realization of "Man, understand Thyself." . Enigmatic trips from Neophyte to begin of a secret university . Transformational Teachings of cognizance and Self-Realization . common Truths from old Esoteric knowledge . Exploring the paranormal Universe within which We stay . Awakening in your Divine Self and Sacred energy

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9 Life Altering Lessons. Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled

Nine lifestyles changing classes: secrets and techniques of the secret faculties Unveiled For hundreds of thousands of years, a decide upon few attended historical secret faculties and temples world wide. those faculties taught the character and future of mankind, the paranormal universe during which we dwell, and published robust secrets and techniques concerning common common legislation.

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This cycle continues, as the young man still equates feelings of acceptance and love to be based on his material possessions. Even though he may gain the admiration and companionship of the women that he originally sought, he no longer feels that he is loved for himself. He must strive daily to hold on to his possessions and maintain control, so that he can continue to have admiration and companionship. On this path, the young man is trapped in this cycle of negative reinforcement, which makes it difficult to connect with the higher self in order to explore feelings of self-love based solely on the person and the soul, rather than material possessions.

42 Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled For example, do you know a person who is warm, dynamic and attracts attention wherever they go? A person whom complete strangers open up to, feeling relaxed and desiring to be in this person’s company? If yes, then you have found a person with a strong, healthy aura. As Neophyte students begin to work on their aura, there are areas which need to be restored. Because the aura is affected by our thoughts, emotions and energy, it has been bombarded with our constant influx of fears, anxiety and emotional outbursts.

If the emotions are blocked and trapped, it requires energy to keep these feelings closed, which takes away energy which would have been used for creative outlets. If the person runs through their emotions to the point of exhaustion and depression, the containment field that holds their energy fields, also known as the aura, is damaged and unable to hold in the energy as needed. At this point, the person is in effect, a leaking ship, awash in a turbulent sea of emotions. Emotions are meant to be a powerful guide to lead each person to a deeper understanding while on the path of connecting with higher love through the heart chakra.

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