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By Christine Green

Make open air playtime enjoyable and relaxing with this glorious number of conventional and new video games that might quickly develop into playground favourites. The actions use on hand gear akin to balls and skipping ropes and may swimsuit person scholars, teams or perhaps the total classification.

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The aim of this game is that once certain words are said the skipper has to perform different actions. ✦ Corner – he/she must jump out from the rope, race around the back of one of the turners and return back to the rope again. ✦ How many days was I there? – at this point the two turners have to turn the rope as fast as they can, and the skipper tries to keep skipping while counting. ✦ The skipper is out when he/she messes up with the counting or runs out of energy at which point game one is over and it is the turn of someone else.

At this point everyone runs into the rope and begins to skip high See if you can touch the sky. ✦ They reach up their hands into the sky Everyone blow a kiss. ✦ They have to each blow a kiss Everyone has to make a wish. ✦ Close their eyes and make a wish Everyone has to shout Hello. ✦ Everyone has to shout out Hello Everyone now has to go. ✦ Everyone in the skipping rope has to leave the rope ✦ To make it even more fun start off the rhyme again adding in another person but try keeping the rhythm of the skipping rope going.

Have the children stand in two equal lines opposite each other, while you stand at one end between the lines. ✦ Throw the ball to the first child and say a word (make sure the words you give have plenty of opposite meanings). After that first child has caught the ball, they have to give you an answer and throw the ball to child standing opposite them in the line. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ■ ✦ If there is a child who gets stuck, they have to throw the ball back to you and you can either prompt them or give them another ‘start’ word before throwing the ball back to that child again.

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